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  • Black Pearl

    Black Pearl (WA11-9003)

  • Manganese Ironspot Velour

    Manganese Ironspot Velour

  • Placeholder

    Fire Brick

  • Lasting in character, versatile in application, extruded brick offers appealing colors and textures for high-volume projects. From contemporary smooth colors, to traditional textures in many shades, as well as rough and rugged tumbled products, you’re bound to find the brick you’re looking for. Design with extruded brick when you seek a material made to fulfill modern architectural vision: strong colors, smooth surfaces and clean lines that underscore contemporary aesthetics. Papercut brick is an extruded brick that is manufactured with a reel of recycled paper that is rolled onto the extruded clay. The process provides an old world look with unique texture and slightly rounded edges. The results are simply stunning!

    Nob Hill

  • Casablanca

  • 514 Bartex

  • Manganese Ironspot Smooth

    Manganese Ironspot Smooth

  • Mountain Shadow

  • Tulip Reds

    Tulip Reds (Bartex)