Akemi Transparent Knife-Grade

-Can be used with natural and artificial stone

-Good for vertical and horizontal surfaces

-Fast hardening

-Can be polished


-Gel-Like consistency

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Akemi 1000 Platinum Knife Grade Clear Polyester is the industry standard in quality and clarity and it has a wide field of applications.

Why Fabricators Choose This Product:

  • Ideal for patching, rodding, repairs
  • Fast hardening (20-60 minutes)
  • Excellent polishing characteristics
  • Excellent adhesion on natural stones, even in higher temperatures
  • Resistant to water, petrol and mineral oils
  • Easy to color with Akemi Polyester Coloring Tints
  • Compatible with granite, marble, travertine and ES

Akemi Thixo White Knife Grade Polyester Adhesive (#4634) is creamy-soft, a smooth filler and thixotropic. It is used for filling larger holes without running or sagging (travertine) and for bonding natural stone in a horizontal or vertical position.


  • Good working properties due to creamy-soft consistency, especially on vertical surfaces.
  • Excellent and fast drying of the surface
  • Fast hardening (15 – 30 minutes)
  • Good working properties (grinding, milling, drilling)
  • Excellently polishable
  • very good adhesion on natural stones also at higher temperatures (70-80°C; in case of low exposure to strain: 100-110°C)
  • Water resistant, petrol and mineral oils.

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900mL, 4500mL