Heavy Duty Paint Stripper (5 Gallon) – Prosoco

-5 Gallon Pail

-Remains on the wall active for 24 hours

-Removes paint, most spray paint, lacquer, and graffiti

-Gel consistency that be applied via brush or roller




Sure KIean® Heavy Duty Paint Stripper, an alkaline formula with organic solvents, removes multiple layers of paint and graffiti from masonry surfaces. This “slow-working” extended-contact remover, remains active for 24 hours. One application of Heavy Duty Paint Stripper dissolves heavy accumulations of paint, restoring old masonry to its original appearance. Heavy Duty Paint Stripper contains no methanol, methylene chloride, or chlorinated solvents, and is water-rinsable and nonflammable. Can cut through multiple layers of paint buildup. Highly effective on many common paint coatings. Gel consistency adheres to vertical surfaces; reduces spillage. Can be applied by brush, roller or conventional airless spray equipment.