Master Wall Elastoflex

For Professional Results

  • Apply finish coats away from direct sunlight. Cold joints or color variations can occur if the finish dries too quickly.
  • Priming stucco surfaces with Primecoat/Sanded Primecoat evens out finish absorption and should be strongly considered and specified for dark colored finishes, especially those using Ultra Deep Base (UDB) tint base and over stucco to avoid efflorescence blush. Under certain conditions dark colors may show efflorescence on the surface during the cure process.
  • Surfaces exposed to the weather must be sloped (6:12 minimum).
  • Use of dark colors in high temperature climates can affect the performance of the system, especially EIFS and areas may need to be limited.
  • Deep, intense colors should be specified with DuroTone pigments to maintain colorfastness longer. Verify specialty colors with your Master Wall® Distributor.
  • Finishes are intended for the approved substrates listed above and should not be applied directly to gypsum board or insulation board products.

Clean Up—Tools and equipment can be cleaned with soapy water while the Superior Finish is still wet.

Information contained in this product data sheet conforms to the standard detail recommendations and specifications for the installation of Master Wall® Inc. products and is presented in good faith. Master Wall® Inc. assumes no liability, expressed or implied as to the architecture, engineering, or workmanship of any project. This information may be concurrent with, or superseded by other applicable documents, such as specifications and details. Contact Master Wall® Inc. for the most current product information.

DuroTone colorfast pigments, Excel mildew enhancement, Silicone Coat additive options available
Vapor Permeable – resists blistering and allows trapped water vapors to pass
Low VOC—Suitable for Interior Use
Water Based – easy clean up with water

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To finish strong you need a Superior Elastomeric Finish that can bridge minor hairline cracks common in stucco. Master Wall® Superior Elastomeric Plus finishes have one of the highest 100% acrylic polymer contents in our industry for extra flexibility yet are still breathable.

  • Dirt Pickup Resistant (DPR) Polymers
  • Quartz or Marble aggregate available
  • 64 Standard Colors
  • Custom color matching available
  • DuroTone colorfast pigments, Excel mildew enhancement, Silicone Coat additive, and DuraCote HP hydrophobic options available

Packaging: 5 gallon (19L) pail

Pail Weight:
Perfect Swirl 2.0, Medium Sand 1.5 : 70 lbs (32 kg)

Fine Sand 1.0 : 67 lbs (30.3 kg)

Versatex 0.5 : 65 lbs (29.5 kg)

Shelf Life: 2 years

Coverage (sf/sm pail)*
Perfect Swirl 2.0, 120-150 (11-14)

Fine Sand 1.0, 160-170 (15-15.8)

Medium Sand 1.5, 130-150 (12-14)

Versatex 0.5, Varies with Texture


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Perfect Swirl 2.0 Texture, Fine Sand 1.0 (spray) Texture, Medium Sand 1.5 (desert sand) Texture, Versatex 0.5 (refinish) Texture